Cookies and Confidentiality Agreement

We, as ENNE, are happy to inform our users who visited about our confidentiality agreement and personal data collection.

Type of Data We Collect and Way of Collection

ENNE only collects personal and impersonal data provided by you. This data is the basic information including your name, surname, address and e-mail address, user details, financial details, request and complaint management details, and Facebook and Google user’s name. Your personal data is collected in order to reply to you immediately and inform you about new products and campaigns when you sign in any of our sites or connect to our applications.

Impersonal data is as follows; workplace contact details (e.g. workplace address, telephone number) are never deemed as personal data in some jurisdictions.

Web site usage information including details such as your internet service provider, type of browser, domain name, IP address, the website that redirected you to us, the websites that you want to open, the time and date that you opened them, entry and outlet points are collected. Details associated with web site usage information are explained here. The data that we collect in relation to web site usage includes the usage of pixel tags and cookies.

ENNE may also collect grouped data made up of the data of an unidentified individual.

Sharing Personal Data

Your personal data obtained may be shared with third parties who work with ENNE in accordance with the privacy policy.

These third parties are the companies with which we prepare promotions, offers and contests, the suppliers from which we get assistance in order to fulfil your demands more properly and eliminate technical problems, and the agencies that we consult in order for them to support and improve our marketing and advertising activities, with all of which we work together in order to provide a better service for you. Your details shall be shared in order to perform the mentioned activities only as long as permitted by ENNE. The corporations that will use these details may access your details only for the mentioned activities in accordance with the privacy policy and data protection.

As long as you grant permission to us, you will be sent e-mails about new products of ENNE or the corporations with which we work, purchase offers, discount vouchers, special news that we think may interest you, developments that represent us and we are happy to share with you, and other promotions. You may unsubscribe in any circumstances unless you want to take e-mails.

ENNE is entitled to use or disclose your personal data in order to protect the integrity of, fulfil your requests in the most proper way and provide exact information in investigations made to protect community security in case of emergency requiring judicial and legal actions. However, your details shall never be shared with any third parties in such action taken.

Data Collected from Children

ENNE is not a site designed or intended to collect personal data from children under 13, but a general site for visitors. ENNE never collects personal data from anybody under 13 on purpose, and never uses such data upon determining that ENNE collected it in this way. In order to respect the privacy of children, children under 13 may never give any personal data to this site. We advise parents to control their children online.


You are entitled to control and change all details that you have given to ENNE. If you want to change the details found in our database or you want to change your contact details, you may contact us through the e-mail address

Whenever you want us to delete the personal data that we have obtained from you or stop use of your details, you may contact us and state your requests, and carry out a cancellation without any problem.


Cookies are small text files stored in your device or the network server through browsers by the internet sites that you visit. Cookies are created by servers that are associated with a web site that you visit. Thus, when a visitor visits a site for the second time, the server can notice this.

Cookies never include personal data such as names, genders or addresses of visitors. You can visit the addresses and for more detailed information about cookies.

Many browsers are adjusted to store cookies automatically, but they are manually changeable. If you do not want cookies to be used, it will be necessary to change the settings. However, since cookies play an assistant role in a web site, the cookies that you have cancelled might interfere with proper operation of a site and thus, restrain you from getting a fast and quality service.

Privacy Policy Amendments

As ENNE, there are amendments that we can make in our privacy policy for a required period at certain times. We declare amendments on this page in order to inform you about any amendments in the best way. These amendments do not involve the past due to the assumption that you periodically check this page.

Questions and Feedback

We welcome your questions, comments and concerns about confidentiality. Please send us any feedback of you about confidentiality or other issues. ENNE will investigate any complaint and upon deciding that a complaint is justifiable, it will take any action required to solve a problem.